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Universal Fate

Australian Pink Opal

Australian Pink Opal

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1 x Polished Australian Pink Opal

1. 3.5x6cm 51g
2.4 x 5.5cm 51g

Slightly larger than a palmstone with beautiful swirls of pinkand purples.

Peace and Calmness

Explore the enchanting world of Australian Pink Opal - the captivating gemstone that evokes peace and tranquility. Discover its mesmerizing swirls of pink and purple hues, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to your life.

Unlock the spiritual awakening properties of the Australian Pink Opal, also known as the "Stone of Spiritual Awakening." Immerse yourself in its delicate shades, ranging from pale pink and lavender to creamy tones adorned with white veins.

Experience the transformative power of this gemstone as it grants wishes and facilitates remarkable accomplishments. Embrace its healing energy, which soothes hidden emotional pains and provides solace to those burdened by worry, fear, or anxiety. Let the Australian Pink Opal guide you towards inner peace, clarity, and a fresh perspective on life, free from assumptions and based on true understanding.

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