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Universal Fate

Grape Agate Egg With Sparkling Chalcedony

Grape Agate Egg With Sparkling Chalcedony

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1 x Grape Agate Egg.

This stunning Egg has beautiful caves with so many textures and details within.

100grams - 4.5cm

Intuition • Lucid dreaming • Insight

Grape Agate is a relatively new stone that was discovered in Indonesia. It greatly enhances intuition and helps awaken one's psychic gifts. It has a strong connection to Goddess energy and helps one connect with the Divine Feminine. Sleeping with Grape Agate is believed to promote intense lucid dreaming and aid dream interpretation.

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye Zodiacs: Cancer, Sagittarius

♡ Affirmation: "Being intuitive comes easily and freely to me now."

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