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Universal Fate

Raw Vivianite shards in a small wishing bottle

Raw Vivianite shards in a small wishing bottle

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Wishing bottle 4.5cm

A cool addition to your collection

Vivianite brings peace, love, compassion, caring, and spiritual light, transforming those uncomfortable with themselves. It's superb for getting rid of anxiety and worries about others' opinions of you. Vivianite is a stone that helps one dive deep into their heart, healing wounds old and new. It brings gentleness and awareness.

True Fact: Vivi can be found on dead bodies

If a cadaver ends up buried in waterlogged conditions, anaerobic digestion releases the phosphate from the decaying remains, and this slowly combines with the iron and water to form vivianite. Partially blue human remains have been recovered from graveyards, past war zones, and alpine lakes and glaciers.

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