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Universal Fate

Sagittarius Zodiac Crystal Healing Kit

Sagittarius Zodiac Crystal Healing Kit

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You will receive 3 x crystal tumbles carefully chosen to amplify & balance traits associated with the Sagittarius star sign.

A Selenite stick has been added as a bonus gift to cleanse the crystals.

Each crystal is unique and may differ from the above photos.


Ruby In Zoisite

Courage • Strength • Rediscovering self

Ruby in Zoisite is a stone that combines impressive forces of harmony. This is a stone that harmonizes your emotional and mental energies, that is, it forms a connection between your heart and brain.

When Ruby and Zoisite are naturally combined into a single stone, the root, heart, and third eye chakras are all aligned and harmonize on the same vibrational level. This special combination of stones will help in the manifesting of ideas and will offer the strength and assistance in accomplishing your dreams. Ruby Zoisite aligns the heart and third eye to produce a deepened understanding of what negativity we are carrying and how to conquer it. Ruby Zoisite is also one of the very few minerals that can transmute negative energies into positivity. Even leaving a piece in your daily environment will drastically benefit everyone in it.


Lapis Lazuli

Truth • Expression • Leadership

Lapis Lazuli reveals one's inner truth and allows for self expression without holding back. It is excellent for those in leadership positions as it stimulates wisdom, integrity and authenticity. It facilitates the acceptance of people and situations we cannot change, and promotes compassion, honesty and empathy when dealing with others.



Known as "The Rescue Stone" - supports emotional healing

Rhodonite is a crystal filled with love and balance. It has been nicknamed the “Stone of Love” due to its ability to fully clear, stimulate, and reactivate your heart. Rhodonite's energies vibrate outwards and assist in self love and value.

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures love.



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