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Universal Fate

Stunning Black Amethyst With Apophyllite Inclusion

Stunning Black Amethyst With Apophyllite Inclusion

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1 x Stunning Black Amethyst With Sparkling Druzy And Apophyllite Inclusion

238grams - 10 cm

This piece is beyond rare, a passion project from its source covered in beautiful grape druzy that sparkles infinitely.

Black Galaxy Amethyst is a powerful stone for spiritual protection and awakening. It protects you from lower energies and negative dreams. Black Galaxy Amethyst also can energetically purify and cleanse a space.

Black Amethyst is a powerful tool to aid both emotional and spiritual healing. It is also a helpful grounding and psychic protection crystal.
They aid the release of negativity and are excellent violet flame healing crystals.

Black Amethyst can also help you to release addictions to substances

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