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Universal Fate

Stunning Blue Aragonite Slab / Slice

Stunning Blue Aragonite Slab / Slice

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1 x Blue Aragonite Slice

230grams - 8.5cm

Stunning sphere with an almost glowing blue running through it.
It feels like you have the whole sea in your hand.

Calming - Insight - Communication

Blue Aragonite meaning and healing properties:

Blue Aragonite is usually created through physical and biological processes, including precipitation from both freshwater and marine environments.

Blue Aragonite activates the Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras to offer patience, intuition, and insight to our emotions and our closest relationships. Blue Aragonite helps increase our confidence and self-worth. Blue aragonite is a calming stone that reduces emotional stress and helps to ease anger. It also enhances your communication by helping convey ideas and concepts clearly.

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