2023 - How to Cut Cords: Love, Energetic or All



Throughout our journey we outgrow certain people or behaviours and create more self-love within ourselves. During these times we bring more awareness into certain situations which do not serve us and through that incredible self - awareness we create more space for fabulous new energy to flourish.


When we enter a friendship or relationship e.g, family, friends, work mates, random people you meet or partners we form energetic bonds them. We are all energy; we share energetic cords with others to communicate and connect with them. However not everyone is meant to last a long time, and some people may enter your life briefly just to teach you a lesson (karmic relationship).


As we transition and grow as energetic beings, we grow with others which match our energy. Law of attraction states - Energy matches energy. Instead of carrying old energy with us, a healthier practice is to release what does not serve. Release any burdens, anyone draining our energy or anyone holding us back from our full potential. Release the past so we can all walk confidently into the ‘Now’ where you are always safe (The Power of NOW - Eckhart Tolle).


These karmic lessons teach us boundaries. Learning from old karmic lessons will create healthy boundaries and healthy boundaries will help you to empower yourself and to make healthier choices in the future. To follow through to a new path instead of continuing in old cycles.


How do I know if I have an unhealthy bond?

  • Obsessing over other people
  • Judging someone and talking bad about them
  • Feeling sick often
  • You feel energetically drained
  • Feeling of sadness, depression & lethargic
  • Indecisive and feeling stuck
  • Unhealthy addictive behaviours smoking, drinking, overeating, drugs etc.


How do we cut cords with others?


We have 3 Cord cutting Kits available.

Love, Energetic or General. These kits include bath soaks, crystal candles, wishing jar with mantra and selenite stick.

These kits are designed to enjoy a salt bath and cleanse away any bonds with the added assistance of a white candle to cleanse, selenite stick to absorb any unwanted energy from head to toe and a mantra to cut the cord. Instructions are included in the pack. Leaving you feeling light and free.


Another form of cutting cords is by Journaling.



 Journals – Write what you would like to say to the other person in a journal. Let it all out! After all You will be the only one who sees it. Then rip out the page and burn it and feel the release and any energetic bond, connect back into the divine source of light. Find our journals here.

You can also ask Archangel Michael for assistance to cut cords with his flaming blue sword and visualise it being done.


It's time to release what does not serve your highest good.


Much Love x



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