About Us

Thank you for shopping with us at Universal Fate.

Hello and Welcome, we are an online store based in Sydney Australia. Yes we ship worldwide. You may sometimes find us at Glebe markets and other events.

I enjoy helping beautiful souls on their fabulous journey to assist with healing and wellbeing. I am an Angelic and Crystal healer and enjoying holding space for those who are open and ready to recieve healing. When we heal ourselves we heal those around us.

My business partner and I are passionate about Crystals and their fabulous energy and Essential oils and their superb natural healing properties. We both enjoy creating some of the handmade products and jewellery we have in store. Do what you love! 

Sometimes we look for that special something and sometimes that special something finds us. There are no coincidences. We enjoy connecting people with their timeless pieces.

We love hearing from you so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: support@universalfate.com

Namaste and Much Love x