Beginner guide - How to make Crystal Grids in 2023


Crystal grids are a beautiful way to manifest, set affirmations or reach your goals and intentions. Crystals are powerful on their own but when combined with other crystals it may create a magical experience drawing power from the universal life force energy. A great tip for beginners - The clear quartz crystals otherwise known as ‘Master healers will amplify the energy of other crystals.

Another important note if you do not have enough crystals to complete a grid, you can use different forms of nature such as seashells, flowers, stones. Get creative!


  1. Find your centre piece

To begin choose a good sized crystal to add to the middle. This will be your main focus crystal and will spread its beautiful energy throughout the outer crystals. You can set an intention into this crystal or wait to the end to gather a collective energy meaning.

There are no rules you can start from the middle or outside. It’s your creation after all!


  1. Cleanse your crystals

Choose your crystals and cleanse them. You can cleanse them with water (not all crystals), selenite, new/full moon shine, singing bowls, sun (not all crystals), sage, Palo Santo, our smudge sprays, incense, or herbs. It also great to cleanse the area you will be creating in.


  1. Create your design

Formulate your crystals in your own form of sacred geometry pattern (energy patterns that unify), placing them in any way you feel called to. Work your magic. If you need some inspiration, you’ll find plenty of crystal grids on google.


  1. Set your intentions

Once you’re happy with your design and have figured out your affirmation or manifestation. Write it down and place in the middle of the grid underneath the main crystal. If it’s on a board then place under the board. I personally like to look at the meanings of each crystal I have intuitively chosen and put together an affirmation.


How to make crystal grids


  1. Activate your grid

Grab a wand or pointer a clear quartz point is also great and activate your grid. You will do this by connecting each crystal to each other. Once they are all connected place your hand over your crystal grid and imagine universal light force activating all the crystals. See all the crystals light up. This is the best time to say your intentions for your grid.


It’s best to leave up for at least 24 hours.


Have fun! Happy Gridding

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