About Us

Welcome to Universal Fate - Your portal to Crystal Energy, Essential Oils, and Transformative Journals

I enjoy helping beautiful souls on their fabulous journey to assist with healing and wellbeing. I am an Angelic and Crystal healer and enjoying holding space for those who are open and ready to receive healing or find their perfect gem.

Universal fate is also my creative outlet from products such as jewellery, sprays and essential oils to designing journals. When we heal ourselves we heal those around us.

My partner Chris is facinated by all things geological and embraces the all things spiritual. Together we enjoy waterfalls, beaches and everything in nature.


For enquiries, guidance, or simply to share your journey with us, reach out at support@universalfate.com . We're here to accompany you on your path, no matter where it leads.

Namaste & Much love 

Universal Fate Team

Mirian & Chris x