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Universal Fate

Angelic Healing - Online

Angelic Healing - Online

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Basic Angelic Healing

Duration: 30 minutes

A spiritual healing which connects you to your Soul guides and Archangels. The universal life force together with the Angels brings you a beautiful peaceful experience of loving energy in a safe space.

During the session we will be working with: Archangel Michael - Archangel Uriel - Archangel Raphael - Archangel Gabriel. Angel healing helps to remove blockages and assists to provide peace to your daily life. This high vibrational healing also clears and cleanses you on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level by assisting you with:

Releasing unhealthy though patterns
Release negative emotions
Self Love
Attract Abundance
Personal transformation
Creating balance (feminine/ Masculine)
Empowering yourself
Connecting to your soul guides
Evolving spiritually
Healing the pain body




Advanced Angel Healing

Duration: 45 Minutes

All the above + Healing with crystals + Clearing 9 Chakras

The crystals used will be Clear quartz – Master healers & Clarity
Rose quartz heart to promote unconditional love.
Crystals are used to enhance the energy during the healing.

Working with the Chakras helps to bring balance in your life. When one chakra is blocked it does not allow the natural flow within you.
The 9 Chakras is the soul star, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root and earth star chakra.

The benefits of Angelic Healing can be seen and felt on all levels as the energy flows for removing blockages in the chakra system and allowing the flow of positive life force energy into the body and energy field. Anxiety, fear, stress are some of the causes of blockages within the body. This healing system supports the body and allows the body to heal itself.

I have always been drawn to angels from my teenage years and have felt their warm presence growing up. I feel blessed to share their healing energies with you.

Once you have chosen your package I will email you and organise a time.

Healing will take place online in a zoom meeting.

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me

Much Love and Abundance x

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