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Universal Fate

Banded Calcite Sphere 6.5cm / Onyx / Aragonite

Banded Calcite Sphere 6.5cm / Onyx / Aragonite

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1 x Banded Orange Calcite Sphere

'Eye of the Sphere is the Cradle of life'


Banded Calcite, also known as “Banded Calcite Onyx,” has the power to amplify and cleanse energy. Banded Calcite diminishes negative energy, and brings positive energy to our lives. Calcite is an energizer that can combat fatigue, procrastination, and laziness.

When this sphere looks at you, You know it's time to rise!

This crystal also encourages you to take action and turn ideas into reality by reducing the fear of failure. Plus, it boosts motivation and inspiration, especially when hope seems lost. In addition, Calcite also enhances the capacity to learn quickly, making it ideal for those looking to obtain new skills and knowledge.

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