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Universal Fate

Bumblebee Jasper Tower / Obelisk / Generator

Bumblebee Jasper Tower / Obelisk / Generator

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This unique jasper is known for its unique patterning and vibrant colors, making it a coveted gem for any collection.

From left
1. 12cm 190g
2. 11.5cm 196g
3. 10.5cm 200g
4. 7cm 63g

Confidence • Beginnings • Creativity

Bumblebee Jasper is a vibrant and energising stone filled with creative energy. It enhances self-confidence and encourages one to chase after their dreams. It enables one to make decisions from a place of reason, and not be influenced by their emotions. It is recommended to be worn by those who are closing a chapter in life and starting anew.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Zodiacs: Leo, Taurus

♡ Affirmation: "I am ready to manifest my greatest desires in life."

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