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Universal Fate

Golden Agate Slice Necklace with Citrine point

Golden Agate Slice Necklace with Citrine point

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Agate slice necklace with Citrine point

Size: 3.5cm pendant  

Enjoy the beautiful energy of this golden agate slice necklace featuring a polished citrine point. Expertly crafted, this piece is perfect for everyday wear and boasts a unique, eye-catching design. The crystals are believed to promote peace and harmony, and make a stylish addition to any jewelry collection.

This beautiful necklace offers a unique combination of two therapeutic gemstones - agate and citrine - set in a silver plated lining. Agate is known for its calming, balancing properties, while citrine is believed to bring energy, creativity, and focus. Together they make a perfect accessory to any outfit.


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