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Universal Fate

Seraphinite Towers / Generators

Seraphinite Towers / Generators

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1 x Seraphinite Tower

Approx: 3.5cm - 4.8cm

From top left
1. 4.8cm $55
2. 4.2cm $50
3. 4.2cm $50 
4. 3.7cm $43

Bottom left
5. 4.5cm $50
6. 3.5cm $45
7. 4.1cm $48
8. 3.2cm $42

Spiritual enlightenment - Spiritual communication - Self Healing

Seraphinite is renowned for spiritual enlightenment. It enables communication with the spiritual realm and can be beneficial for self-healing. Also, it cleanses the aura while activating and balancing the chakras for a harmonious state of being. This unlocks the ability to release old unhealthy patterns, leaving room for renewal.

Seraphinite is a deep forest green. It is the Stone of the Seraphim, the highest order of angels.

Seraphinite has limited availability akin to Charoite.

Chakra - Heart

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