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Universal Fate

Natural Selenite Stick / Wand / Beam / Charging Tray

Natural Selenite Stick / Wand / Beam / Charging Tray

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1 x Natural Raw Selenite Stick / Wand / Beam/ Charging Tray

Ranges from 14cm - 34cm


              Protection - Clarity - Peace


Selenite meaning and healing properties:

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal/tool that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being. It also removes negative, stagnant energy and helps you connect to higher realms.

Selenite also cleanses rooms or spaces and chargers, cleanses, clears energy from your crystals.

Please do not put in water as it dissolves and as a self cleanser, you really don't have to do anything apart from enjoying its natural beauty.

Peach selenite and many other shapes of selenite are also available.


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