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Universal Fate

Self Love Pack / Crystals / Candle / oil / Bath Salt - Giftbox

Self Love Pack / Crystals / Candle / oil / Bath Salt - Giftbox

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These Gorgeous Self Love packs comes with everything you need to get ready for a beautiful journey of re discovering yourself with a side of relaxation.

This Gorgeous Gift Pack includes:


1 x Rose Quartz - Unconditional love
1 x Amazonite - Courage
1 x Citrine - Abundance
1 x Selenite Sphere (4cm) - Clearing and Cleansing
1 x Hessian bag
3 x Crystal Cards

1 x Handmade Soy Wax Tealight Candle

- 100% Soy Wax
- 5 hours burning time
- Rose petals
- Red Calcite Crystals


1 x 10ml Divine feminine Essential oil

Jasmine, Geranium, Rose, Camellia refined, Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Jojoba, Lavender & Jasmine absolute.

A fun blend to bring out your inner godess

*Safe to be used on skin*

1 x Handmade Bath Salts tube

Infused with serenity essential oil and rose petals for a gentle and soothing bath experience.

High Quality products
Vegan friendly
Made with Love

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