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Universal Fate

Australian Andamooka opal / SA opal / Opal Cabochon

Australian Andamooka opal / SA opal / Opal Cabochon

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Natural Australian bolder opal

Left to right - 1 - 4 in group photo

In single pics 1-1 , 2-2 , 3-3 , 4-4

These opals are sourced in South Australia in the Andamooka area

Size approx: 120 x 80mm
Faceted - No
Cabochan - Yes
Natural - Yes
Drilled holes: No

Love • Loyalty • Passion

Opal enhances loyalty, spontaneity and commitment in romantic relationships. It is a powerful amplifier of one's traits, and brings both positive and negative characteristics of one's true self to the surface. It helps one release negative traits and begin their transformation journey. It is often used in spiritual journeying as it facilitates mystical visions.

Chakras: All

Zodiac: Libra

♡ Affirmation: "I am becoming the best version of myself."

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