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Universal Fate

Druzy Flower Agate Slice with portal quartz inclusions

Druzy Flower Agate Slice with portal quartz inclusions

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This piece of natural flower agate is a unique, one-of-a-kind display item that can be used to add a touch of life and energy to any room.

Size: 14 x5 cm

Stand not included

"The Personal Growth Stone"

Flower agate meaning and healing properties:

This stunning crystal is used for manifesting our potential, fighting fear, and laying the foundation for meaningful growth. It acts as a metaphysical fertilizer for our intentions to give them a loving boost and an energized helping hand.

Flower Agate can be described as an energy that helps in the “reblooming” of the enjoyment of being alive after a long, perhaps painful period of time. It can aid as a protector from your own fears & self-doubt to allow you to grow.

Orbicular patterns on Flower Agate are reminiscent of seeds, and the floral plumes are reminiscent of blossoms. Pieces with both orbicular patterns and flower-like plumes help us to envision the process of growth. They serve as a reminder that we start out as seeds and blossom and grow.

Flower Agate also aids in manifesting & nurturing your dreams. Its beautiful - soft, feminine energy ignites a passion to pursue our dreams and live life to the fullest.

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