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Universal Fate

Larimar Tumbles

Larimar Tumbles

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1 x Larimar Tumble

These unique Larimar gemstones reflect the exquisite Caribbean-blue hue waters. Bringing those calm relaxing water vibes.

Larimar meaning and healing properties:

Femininity • Serenity • Calmness

Larimar is a rare Caribbean-blue Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic.  The mines are found alongside the Bahorocu River, a pristine water as vividly-blue as the gems.

Larimar is deeply connected to the energy of the Earth Goddess. It helps women reattune to their femininity and renew their connection with nature. It promotes inner peace, serenity and calmness, and helps one reconnect with their inner child. It relaxes the nervous system and allows one to express themselves from the heart.

Affirmation: "I allow myself to express my inner femininity."

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