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Living in the NOW - Journal / Designer Journal / Notebook

Living in the NOW - Journal / Designer Journal / Notebook

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Living in the NOW - Journal / Designer Journal / Notebook

100 lined page - Paper back journal.

6 x 9 inch


Embrace the power of living in the present moment with the "Living in the Now" journal. Let go of past regrets and future worries that can bring stress and anxiety into your life. Be in the moment right here, right now, where you are always safe - Edkhart Tolle.

By grounding yourself in the present, you'll find inner peace and security.

Embark on a spiritual journey and document your experiences in this journal, allowing self-reflection and growth to unfold.

  1. Mindfulness Journal: Cultivate mindfulness and reduce stress with daily reflections on the present moment.
  2. Designer Journal: Beautifully designed with a minimalist cover, perfect for those who appreciate simplicity.
  3. 100 Lined Pages: Ample space for daily journaling, gratitude lists, and self-reflection.
  4. Portable Size: 6x9 inch paperback journal, easy to carry on-the-go.
  5. Practice Gratitude: Daily prompts to focus on gratitude and appreciation for the present moment.
  6. Spirituality Journal: Deepen your spiritual practice and connect with your inner self through reflective writing.
  7. Reduce Anxiety: Mindful journaling can help reduce anxiety by shifting your focus to the present moment.
  8. Gift Idea: A thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones who are interested in mindfulness and self-reflection.


Happy Journaling :)

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