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Universal Fate

Mini Kunzite hearts / Mini heart crystals

Mini Kunzite hearts / Mini heart crystals

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1 x Mini Kunzite hearts

Approx: 1.5cm

Great for crystal confetti, jewelry making or your personal collection.

Love • Healing • Spirituality

Kunzite is an extremely spiritual stone with a high vibration.

It opens the heart to unconditional Divine love and allows one to heal from rejection, abandonment and betrayal. It is a beneficial stone for those who find it difficult to enter a deep
meditative state. It is a useful healer for anyone who had to grow up too fast, bringing back lost trust and innocence.

Chakra: Heart

Zodiacs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio

♡ Affirmation: "My heart is open to unconditional Divine love."

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