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Universal Fate

Pink Orca bracelet (Dyed) 8mm

Pink Orca bracelet (Dyed) 8mm

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1 x Pink Orca agate bracelet


Calmness • Creativity • Courage

Orca Agate, also known as Orca Stone, is a Chaledoney variety that is only found in Madagascar and crystallizes in mass formation. This stone has unique colors of grey and blue banding with white spots, mimicking the patterns and colors of an Orca Whale (hence its naming).

Meaning & Energy

Orca Agate is the perfect stone for transformation; it connects with each of your chakras and provides strong, soothing grounding energies to keep you firmly connected to the nurturing earth. Rejuvenate your body and spirit by syncing up with Earth's vibrations with breathwork, meditation and communing with nature. As your thoughts quieten, feel the life-force energy all around you and utilize it to become the very best version of yourself. You know your true potential - seize it and soar to the heights you desire!

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