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Universal Fate

Stilbite Mushroom Cluster

Stilbite Mushroom Cluster

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Stilbite Mushroom Cluster

8 x 5cm

Stilbite formation into a Mushroom on the matrix.

Explore the profound symbolism and healing properties of this exquisite Stilbite cluster. Symbolizing connection, motherhood, and nature, this crystal holds a special significance in the realm of spirituality and personal growth.

Embrace the gentle and nurturing energy of Stilbite as it resonates with the vibration of Universal Love. Experience its transformative power as it opens your heart, helping you overcome fear and loss. Find inner peace through its calming influence and allow it to expand your consciousness, making you aware of other realms and dimensions.

In meditation, Stilbite acts as a guide, quieting the mind and allowing for a deeper connection with your inner self. Place it by your bedside to experience its soothing qualities and find relief from insomnia.

This remarkable crystal is also a valuable ally for those who feel overwhelmed by numerous tasks or struggle with decision-making. By clearing the mind of unconscious clutter, Stilbite creates a state of clarity and positivity, enabling focused thinking.

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