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Universal Fate

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Healing Kit

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Healing Kit

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You will receive 3 x crystal tumbles carefully chosen to amplify & balance traits associated with the Taurus star sign. A Selenite stick has been added as a bonus gift to cleanse the crystals.

As each crystal is unique it may differ from the above photo.


Abundance • Love • Patience

Emerald encourages one to live and act from the heart. It enhances feelings of unconditional love, compassion and patience towards oneself and others. It releases the need to please others and helps one let go of superficial relationships that no longer serve them. Wearing Emerald is said to attune one's vibrational pattern to the spectrum of abundance.



Creativity • Ambition • Confidence

Carnelian is a high energy stone that restores vitality and motivation. It stimulates creativity, enhances concentration, and brings out undiscovered talents and abilities. It gives one the self-confidence to achieve success in business and other pursuits. It helps one become more independent and promotes healthy sexual relationships.


Rose Quartz

Femininity • Love • Kindness

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love that carries a soft, feminine energy. It opens and cleanses the heart chakra, allowing vibrations of love to flow freely. It promotes healthy and harmonious relationships of all kinds, and can be effective for attracting new love. It raises one's self-esteem, promotes self-love and aids the acceptance of change.


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