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Universal Fate

Tigers Eye Tumbles

Tigers Eye Tumbles

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1 x Golden Tigers eye tumble

This golden Tigers eye tumbled stone is a gorgeous addition to any collection. Its unique colouration results from a combination of minerals inclusions, including iron oxide and quartz, creating a breathtaking display.

What I love about tigers eye is the chatoyant sheen almost like a light bouncing off a tigers eye.

Golden tigers eye meaning and healing properties:

Confidence • Willpower • Vitality

Tiger's Eye carries the energies of a combination of Fire and Earth elements, making it a powerful stone of both grounding and energising vibrations. It gives one the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take action to achieve their goals. It enhances confidence and empowerment, and reduces the need for approval from other people.


Also available in a Tiger Eye Pack featuring Golden, Red and Blue tigers eye.



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