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Universal Fate

Zeolite + Whispy Stillbite Cluster

Zeolite + Whispy Stillbite Cluster

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Zeolite + Whispy Stillbite Cluster



Beautiful whispy chatoyant stilbite resting on a bed of Zeolite.

Zeolite crystals are formed through a complex series of chemical reactions between ash and rock released from volcanic eruptions and alkaline water sources like oceans and lakes.

Zeolites are effective reiki stones, aiding with internal energy attunement and augmenting the healing process.

Additionally, they are thought to be beneficial in treating goitres and relieving bloating, in addition to eliminating toxins including drugs and alcohol, aiding in addiction withdrawal.

They have also been used in agriculture and gardening when buried in the field or garden to stimulate growth.

Moreover, zeolites can be used to rid negative energy and bring contentment.

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